60mm Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve

Splice holder could hold 40mm to 60mm heat shrinkable protection sleeves with 2.5mm diameter.

  • Protect connection point
  • Easy to operate
  • reducing the risk of fiber damage during installation
  • Free sample in stock


60mm splice protectors are the industry standard for durable and lasting protection of single-fiber splices in field installations. These micro-sleeves provide the known reliability of Fujikura sleeves in the smallest possible lengths. This easy and cost-effective method is a great alternative to recoating. 60mm fiber splice protectors are sold per 100 pieces.

This 60mm Fiber Protection Sleeve  is designed for single fiber applications and accommodates up to 1.4mm coated fibers. The color is clear (transparent).

Heat Shrinkable Fiber Optic Splice Protection Sleeves provide vital protection at the fused juncture between two fusion spliced optical fibers. In addition to providing a substitute for the original fiber optic cable jacket, splice protection sleeves provide a degree of rigidity that prevents the spliced area from bending or flexing.


  • Single Fiber splice sleeve          
  • 60 mm length
  • Steel Core Support using polished Stainless Rod
  • Clear Transparent outer Tube
  • roHS and Reach Compliant
  • Inner tube material is made by EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate


  • Wall-mount
  • Strand-mount
  • Pedestal
  • Underground
  • Pole-mount


Length of Tube60mm
Inner Tube Diameter2.4mm
After Recover Diameter3mm
Outer Tube Diameter4.7mm
Steel Needle Diameter1.2mm
Working Temperature-55°C~100°C
Tensile Strength18MPa
Dielectric Constant2.5
Elongation at Break700%
Longitudinal Change±5%
Dielectric Strength25kV/mm
Volume resistance1015Ω
Minimum Shrink Temperature120°C
Minimum Fully Recovery Temperature100°C

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