24 Cores Fiber Optical Distribution Box

Scalability and modularity,Easy accessibility and maintenance.Waterproof IP68 outdoor fast connect NID

  • High-capacity fiber management
  • Redundancy and fault tolerance
  • Max capacity 24units of SC simplex adapter
  • Free sample in stock


Fiber Distribution and Fiber termination boxes have multiple applications in a network. Fiber Distribution Boxes are applied as a hub in a network to branch off or extend multi tube cables and individual tubes. Fiber distribution boxes mainly provide mechanical protection. Fiber Termination Boxes are the last point in a network, offering mechanical protection to splices and fixation points for adapters and connectors. Fiber distribution box is used to convert the distribution cable into individual cables to reach the end-user. fiber distribution box provides a safe point to splicing, splitting, branching, straight-through or fiber termination, protecting from environmental hazards like dust, moisture, water or UV light if used outdoor.

The outdoor 24 Ports Optical Fiber Distribution Box (ODBs) of the distribution box type are specifically designed for FTTx networks. They are used to connect feeder/distribution cables to subscriber’s drop cables using PLC splitters. These ODBs have 2 input ports and 24 output ports located at the bottom, making them easily installable on walls or poles. The rear tray is dedicated to splicing the feeder cable with the PLC splitter, while the front tray is designed for connecting the subscriber’s drop cable through an adaptor plate on the tray.


  • IP68
  • Wall mounatable & pole mountable
  • UV protection
  • Outdoor or indoor avaliable
  • Available for 24untis SC-SX adapters
  • Able to support 24 subscribers


  • Wall mount; pole mount
  • Comprehensive computer network engineering.
  • Intelligent Building Cabling.
  • Fiber To The Home (FTTH).
  • Residential Intelligent Network System.
  • Campus Network, Enterprise Network.


Cable Ports4 in 24 outlet
Cable Diameter< 16 (mm)
Max. Capacity of Fiber96 Fibers
Splice Tray24 Fibers
Sealing TypeShrinkable Seal Type
Installation TypePole-Mounted & wall-mounted
IP RatingIP68
Lateral Pressure Resistancemore than 2000N/10cm
Shock Resistance500Nm
Operating Temperature-40℃ to +80℃
Dimensions (HxW)380x245x130(mm)

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