FTTH Fiber Cable Suspension Clamp

S Type FTTH Drop Wire Retainers Anchor Suspension Clamp with Hook Lock

  • Standards of IEC, Telcordia
  • Acceptable up to 2pcs of self-supported drop cable
  • Available fr 3 colors
  • Free sample in stock


A suspension clamp is a fitting that is designed for suspending or hanging cables or conductors to the pole. In other cases, the clamp can suspend cables to the tower. Since the cable is directly connected to the conductor, its specifications need to match with that of the cable so as to create a perfect connection.

Fiber optic drop clamps are designed to hold, without slippage, fiber drops until the cable itself breaks. Custom shim has raised sidewalls that prevent drop cable from moving laterally inside clamp. Ears of shim are bent back to ensure no abrasion with cable.


  • Drop cable anchor clamp is used on dead-end fiber optic cables.
  • Acceptable up to 2pcs of self-supported drop cable
  • FTTH drop cable S-type fitting is easy in installation,and requires preparation of optical cable before attaching.
  • Open hook self-locking construction perform easiest installation on fiber pole.
  • This type of FTTH plastic cable accessory has the principle of a round route for fixing the messenger,this helps to secure it as tightly as possible.


  •  FTTH fiber terminal end
  • CATV
  • FTTB


Dimension : 149*28*17mm
Weight : 36g
Material  :Metal and Plastic
Application :FTTH System
Packing :50 Pcs/Bag 
Environmental Conditions :Outdoor

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