Inflatable Duct Sealing System

Inflatable duct sealing system is a wraparound, inflatable, mastic-lined bladder used to seal empty or filled cable ducts.

  • Various Sizes Inflatable Duct Seal
  • Unique Air Valves Inflatable Duct Seal
  • Clean, Fast, Easy sealing method
  • Free sample in stock


IDSS inflatable duct sealing system wraps around cables in the ducts of manholes or exchange vaults. The product effectively seals telephone cable ducts, stopping or preventing water from leaking into the manhole or vault.

 Inflatable Duct Sealing System is suitable for use with polyethylene or lead sheath cables in the plastic, concrete, or steel ducts of wall feedthrough systems. It permits cable movement while retaining its sealing properties. The Inflatable Duct Sealing system has been tested in severe environmental conditions and is air-tight up to 7 psi (50kPa). The Inflatable Duct sealing system is water-tight in depths up to 16 ft. (5m).


  • Inflatable Duct Sealing is quickly installed
  • Provides a long-life seal for a cable in a conduit, at the conduit mouth
  • Prevents the passage of water and gas along an occupied conduit
  • Inflatable Duct Sealing envelope is re-usable


  • For power cables
  • For two or more cables,sealing clips are required
  • Inflation tool is available to provide
  • Caisters of compressed air or CO2 ARE COMPATIBLE or water.
  • Each seal covers a large range of cable and duct diameters


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