Mule Pull Tape

Flat woven polyester tape used for installation of telecommunications cables

  • Reduced friction for smooth pulling
  • Low stretch and snap back for worker safety
  • Measurement markings printed on the tape
  • Free sample in stock


Muletape is a unique pull tape designed to reduce damage to the underground plant. Resulting in improved efficiency, and enhanced worker safety.

By utilizing mule tape efficiently, you can effectively reduce material and labor usage while speeding up the installation process. Our pulling tape, made of low-stretch polyester, is specifically designed to smoothly pull cables. It is also conveniently marked with footage or meter measurements for quick and precise assessments. Mule tape is the ideal choice for installing fiber optic, coaxial, and copper cables without causing any damage to them.


  • Lubricated for easy pulling and reduced friction
  • Durably printed with sequential footage or meter markings
  • Available in a variety of pulling strengths from 200 to 6,000 lbs (91-2727 kg)
  • Low elongation for enhanced worker safety
  • Lightweight and easily blown into conduit or innerduct
  • Packaged on sturdy plastic reels
  • Easily spliced using conventional methods


  • install fiber optic in underground conduit.
  • install copper in underground conduit.
  • install coaxial cables in underground conduit.


Product Type:Tape Measure
Length (m):1000~3000, customizable
Width (Inches):5/8″,3/4″……

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