Pro’sKit 8PK-326 Fiber Optic Cable Stripper

Fiber Optic Stripper for 125μm to 3mm Loose Tube, Fiber Jacket and Bare Fiber

  • 3 Stripping Holes Guarantee Accurately Stripping Without Damaging Fiber
  • Safety Lock Allows the Tool to Be Stored Easily When not in Use
  • Wire Spring Provides Self-Opening Action for Smooth Operation
  • Adjustable Screw Ensures Precise Stripping Hole by Adjusted with Hex Key
  • Free sample in stock


Stripping refers to the process of safely removing the protective polymer coating from optical fiber cables before fusion splicing. A high-quality fiber stripper, such as the Pro’sKit® 8PK-326, is designed to efficiently and precisely remove the outer jacket of an optical fiber cable without causing any damage. With its three stripping holes, this fiber optic stripper is capable of performing all common fiber stripping functions, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Pro’sKit 8PK-326 fiber optic stripper features precise three stripping holes performs all common fiber stripping functions and guarantee the accurately stripping without damage


  • Safety design
  • Wire spring
  • Adjustable screw allows precise stripping.
  • Wire Stripping Range wide


  • Strips the 1.6 to 3.0mm fiber jacket down to the 600 to 900μm buffer coating
  • Strips the 600 to 900μm buffer coating down to the 250μm coating
  • Strips the 250μm cable down to the glass fiber without nicks or scratches


Product name8PK-326MaterialS50C
Body HRC48º±2ºOverall length148mm (5.83”)

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